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Metamorphosis in The Guardian

Metamorphosis in The Guardian

I'm thrilled to announce that The Guardian newspaper has featured my Metamorphosis art in their online photo gallery. Please take a moment and look at their beautiful display by clicking on this link: Metamorphosis in The Guardian

I believe that in the coming weeks I will have more exciting news regarding this work I've done. It continues to gain popularity as art the world has never seen before. 


  • Cheley Tackett

    So glad your talent & art are being appreciated! Congratulations friend & well done. 😊❤️

  • Tanya Sousa

    Splendiferous images and news! The images really are special.

  • Rosy Parsons

    Mosher’s art offers a profound, real glimpse into nature in ways most of us have never dared imagine, even in our wildest dreams, let alone perceive. Whether it is bringing our Milky Way Galaxy into almost graspable intimate proximity – as his Buffalo Jump to Eternity photo does, or unveiling the heavy hitting phenomenal vibrancy of tiny butterfly wing scales- as in the Metamorphosis series- Mosher’s art offers us entrée into previously unexplored natural realms. His pieces often bring a sense of discovery, of awe, something much greater (or smaller) which exists slightly outside of normal human perception. Mosher has immersed himself in exploring wilderness areas and creative pursuits. His perceptive abilities and vision are well-honed and entirely unique. His work often feels expansive, jarring, and takes one beyond expected limits into an entirely new natural territory which, prior to his bringing it to our attention, had never been seen by human eyes. New worlds open up. They were right in front of us the whole time, but only Mosher thought to look.

  • Rosy Parsons

    To me, contrary to much art which involves a one-liner or one experience for the viewer, metamorphosis pieces become more transcendent and beautiful with each subsequent viewing.

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